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Feb 17, 2013 8:00am PST
film critique here, our special film critique. the os cores are coming up, so, she is her to fill us in. i was looking at my top ten and thinking a lot of the ones i like are nominated. usually that never happens. >> nine movies are good. it gives studios a chance to be nominated and independent movie, little ones you would not think you will see up there. so, i really liked the sessions. that is up. and my favorite movie offer the year is "argo." i raved about it the minute i saw it and now it has a very good chance to win. >> and the southern wild? >> yes. that is an independent movie with the youngest actress ever to be nominated for an award. if she wins she will be a one name star in hollywood. >> and someone will have to field her over. >> i think she will win. one thing that makes this year so exciting is the politics involved. often wednesday of them is jessica chastain of zero dark 30. and of course "argo" has that kind of politics. then the politics of mental health. that is one of the reasons that "silver linings playbooks" is so popular. people are stopping me in the stre
Feb 24, 2013 8:00am PST
women and girls in the bay area. plus, news you can use. a love lesson. next on "black renaissance." >>> good morning. i'm your host, dr. brenda wade. you have seen them as a distinguished dr. peter benton on the hit tv series "e.r." and he directed shows like "law and order" and "csi can the," i -- "csi" and coming to america and so much more. today, we meet eric la salle in another role as the author of the page-turning thriller "laws of depravity." oh. eric. i love the title. it's just so oh, kind of slightly awful. >> slightly awful. >> i was afraid to open the book. >> oh. >>> is this going to creep me out? >> we wanted something provocative to -- provocative to grab your attention. >> it's very provocative. >> you have been doing it all as an actor and director, which actually, i didn't know until i read your bioa few days ago. >> yeah. >> what is the most meaningful thing for you in your career us this far in terms of screen and now directing behind the scenes? >> well, actually, all of it. you know, the opportunity to express yourself in different ways. it's like people ask
Feb 10, 2013 8:00am PST
or is it just -- and that we're used to each other. some people stay in relationships because they don't want to be alone. >> they are ash trad it won't work out there and that is logical. if it doesn't work here, it's probably not going to work there and wherever we go, we have couples and they love each other and made it work, you know, and some people do succeed in relationships. >> and to the big thing here. sex. does it have to happen all of the time and are we -- let me phrase that. >> and does that have to happen? >> we're designed to have sex until we die. people have sex at 100 years ole. >> really? and woman at one hundred dollars years old can have baby and 70 years ole. we're designed to have sex and that is proof tone cause you to live 10 years longer and to have less heart disease and less problems. once that is in the way of the regular sex drive that brought us together in the first place, quite often, with the love and other situations and that is a big part. that is why my marriage is special. i only have sex with my wife. a love a lot of people and interact with
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3